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Everyone wants to know, "Is the worst over for stocks?" If you're familiar with Bob Prechter and his work, you won't be surprised that his short answer is "NO." But ... it's his long answer that is much more compelling, including insights into what you should be doing NOW to prepare for what's still to come. You just watched Bobís short answer. For his long answer, you must join his free community, Club EWI. CLICK HERE TO JOIN NOW


25th January 2008

Trading can take many forms. Some are suitable for some traders, while other methods are better for others. It all depends on your available startup capital, risk tolerance, free time and personal interests. Knowledge and experience, the inevitable Catch 22, can be overcome by your willingness to learn, and again, the time you have to invest in this fascinating and lucrative lifestyle.

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Disadvantages of all trading:

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